Germany Will Conquer Europe With Migrants’ Help – Polish Media

Germany has already economically conquered Europe. The subjugation of Cyprus and then Greece are proof. All that’s left are to force Great Britain out and force France, Italy and Spain to fall in line. After this comes the United States of Europe and its EU Army, both of which are already in the making. To the Germany’s credit, it will be hard for anti-Germans and the rest of Europe to call today’s Germans racist or Nazis. This calculated move will help them shed off stereotypes from the past and allow further ascension on the world stage and a tighter grip over Europe.


By throwing its doors wide open to thousands of migrants Germany has a clever plan in mind. The influx of migrants will help solve the country’s precarious demographic situation, boost the economy and make Germany a moral example for the rest of Europe, a Polish journalist wrote Tuesday.

Germany plans to take in 800,000 migrants this year alone and millions more in the coming years. Fully aware of the most immediate downsides of this decision, the Germans are still taking the risk because they realize the long-term benefits this could bring them, Eliza Litak wrote in an article carried by news portal.

Immigration could turn around Germany’s main weakness – its precarious demographic situation – and help pay the pensions of tomorrow. Immigrants are significantly younger than the domestic population. Given Germany’s major demographic challenges, this is welcome news.

Many immigrants bring specific skills and the ability and willingness to work. Opening the German labor market quickly and comprehensively to migrants would provide a boost to the German economy. The substantial increase to the cheap labor supply would also contribute to increased German output.

Local industry groups, like Porsche, Daimler, Deutsche Post, Evonik and others, are ready to hire the new arrivals. With unemployment at a record low the German companies welcome the influx of cheap labor.

There is also a political angle to this, Eliza Litak wrote. Paradoxically the chaotic nature of this whole process is playing right into the hands of the German authorities who can handle the situation unlike the so-called “transit countries” which could be destabilized.

Full article: Germany Will Conquer Europe With Migrants’ Help – Polish Media (Sputnik News)

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