North Korea says it is ready to use nuclear weapons against the US ‘at any time’

North Korea has claimed its main nuclear complex is fully operational as the country remains prepared to launch a nuclear attack on the US “at any time”.

The country’s state-run news agency carried a statement claiming to be from the director of its Atomic Energy Institute saying the Yongbyon facility, which contains a uranium enrichment plant and nuclear reactor, had been upgraded.

The statement said operations were moving towards “the building of a nuclear force advanced at the historic plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea”.

North Korea’s nuclear weapons had been improved in quality and quantity so they could carry out “various missions”, it continued, adding: “If the US and other hostile forces persistently seek their reckless hostile policy towards the DPRK and behave mischievously, the DPRK is fully ready to cope with them with nuclear weapons any time.”

Earlier this year, an analysis by 38 North, a website run by the US-Korea Institute at the Johns Hopkins University in Washington, said that recent commercial satellite images showed steam coming from the Yongbyon plant and an increase in melted snow – indicative of “new activity” following a hiatus.

Full article: North Korea says it is ready to use nuclear weapons against the US ‘at any time’ (The Independent)

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