Hundreds of bags of radioactive waste washed away in Japan floods

Japan’s unprecedented rainfall last week resulted in hundreds of bags of radioactive debris from the 2011 Fukushima clean up being swept away into a river

Hundreds of bags containing radioactive waste from the Fukushima disaster nuclear clean-up have been swept away in recent floods in Japan, it has emerged.

The torrential rainfall which hit Japan last week resulted in at least 293 bags of radioactive waste collected after the 2011 nuclear disaster being washed away from the village of Iitate, Fukushima prefecture.

Concerns have been raised over the fact that some bags were known to have leaked their contents, while emergency workers have so far retrieved 171 bags from a river, according to Kyodo news.

Unprecedented rainfall fuelled by a tropical storm deluged the nation last week, with regions in the north – areas also affected badly in the 2011 tsunami and earthquake – hit particularly hard.

Full article: Hundreds of bags of radioactive waste washed away in Japan floods (The Telegraph)

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