Army Special Forces enraged over Obama attacks

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General rips military leaders: ‘They should put their stars on the table and be prepared to resign’

Rules of engagement that risk the lives of U.S. forces and harsh punishments over questionable charges have America’s elite Green Berets fuming at the Obama administration, and the former commander of all Green Berets says it’s just the latest symptoms of a military deliberately weakened by this administration and military officials more concerned about advancement than the good of their forces and their nation.

The litany of Green Beret frustration was detailed this week by the Washington Times. The piece detailed several questionable punishments for elite service members over incidents that never resulted in formal charges.

Army Secretary John McHugh stripped Maj. Matt Golsteyn of a Silver Star for killing a Taliban bomb maker who took many U.S. lives. McHugh contends there is probable cause to believe Golsteyn committed murder, even though Golsteyn was cleared by the military.

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin commanded all Green Berets for a portion of his 36 years in uniform. He said conditions and morale for the military are even worse than the Times and Quinn stated.“There’s more that hasn’t been reported in terms of the kinds of things our Special Forces are putting up with now, to include rules of engagement, for example,” Boykin said. “They make it virtually impossible for them to succeed and, in many cases, even to protect themselves and the people they are responsible for.”

Boykin places much of the blame for this shoddy treatment of service members at the feet of President Obama, but he said another group also shoulders a great deal of responsibility for America’s military decline.

“I am so disappointed in the Army leadership and the leadership in general in our military right now because they have allowed the social experimentation that has had such a devastating impact on our military,” said Boykin, who argued that weakening and transforming the military is a critical step in Obama’s efforts to change America.

“You can’t change society unless you change the military, because the military is such an anchor of our society in terms of values,” he said.

…How did the military drift to the point where the top brass is now content to endorse rules of engagement that leave troops exposed and punish members for actions that merit no official charges?

“The president came in with an agenda,” Boykin said. “He sought out, I believe, people that could be put into senior positions that were willing to support that agenda. Either they were aligned with him ideologically, which I don’t think is the case most of the time, or they were so focused or careerism that they have been unwilling to step up and be counted.”

November 2016 will be a critical time for the military, according to Boykin. He said electing a strong leader as commander in chief could reverse a lot of what’s gone wrong in the military over the past several years, but he fears some of the changes are here to stay.

“It’s going to take at least a decade for us to be able to turn this around,” he said. “That’s assuming we get a good commander in chief in who’s got some leadership and who wants to change it. But there are some things that are not going to change. You’re not going to roll back some of the social policies that have been implemented under this president.”

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