US Considers Military Buildup in Iceland After 10 Year Absence

The US Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work visited Iceland earlier this week and inspected the section of the Keflavik International Airport that used to serve as the hub of the US military presence on the island.

Allegedly the recent instances of Russian military aircraft approaching Iceland’s airspace have caused great concerns both in Iceland and in the US.

“The Russians have long done transit flights where they pass close by Iceland,” Work told DefenseNews, “but they’ve recently made several circumnavigation flights” — flying completely around the island nation. As a result, “Iceland is interested in increasing military cooperation.”

Full article: US Considers Military Buildup in Iceland After 10 Year Absence (Sputnik News)

One response to “US Considers Military Buildup in Iceland After 10 Year Absence

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    Serious indication of the Polar region to once again be mused as direction of an attack or invasion. Priority would be all northern zones, with consideration of China at the western and northwestern US regions and the Russian Federation from the north and northeastern regions. Canada would be compelled in defense efforts as a combined allied effort or face going under. The Iceland fjords were once safe havens for Russian submarines. If activity near Iceland turns hostile, the only answer might be to push further closer to both Russia and China to get a recall established.