Germany ‘took our Jews and gave us Arabs,’ French ex-minister says

Patrick Devedjian apologizes for ‘misplaced’ jest about Syrians, Iraqis as France gets set to accept thousands of refugees

A former French minister stirred up controversy Friday after saying Germany “took our Jews and gave us Arabs” as France began taking some of the thousands of refugees arriving in Germany.

“My humorous jest was misplaced,” Devedjian wrote on his Twitter account, saying he regretted it all the more because he himself helps refugees in need.

As thousands continue to flee poverty and conflict in Africa and the Middle East, Germany is expected to take in 800,000 asylum-seekers this year, four times the number in 2014 and far more than any other European country.

Full article: Germany ‘took our Jews and gave us Arabs,’ French ex-minister says (The Times of Israel)

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