Adolf Hitler high on HEROIN as he rallied troops on CRYSTAL METH, sensational book claims

ADOLF Hitler has been revealed as a Breaking Bad style drugs baron who was in a heroin-fuelled haze as he ordered soldiers to take crystal meth and carry out their reign of terror on Nazi Germany.

It’s unclear whether or not Hitler used Pervitin – today known as crystal methamphetamine – but shocking personal notes from the dictator’s own physician Doctor Theodor Morrell reveal he was “ceaselessly” injected with doping agents, dubious hormones and later, class A-Eukodal.

By the time of his last offensive in the winter of 1944, by which point six million Jewish people had been brutally murdered, Hitler had “long known no more sober days”.

In an astounding new book ‘Der Totale Rausch’ (The Total Rush), German author Norman Ohler has unearthed horrendous details of the Fuhrer’s drug-induced genocide.

He says that it was Hitler’s rampant drug use that shocked him the most – an addiction led him to “maintain his delusion until the end”.

The screenplay writer said: “Hitler loved Eukodal. Especially in the fall of 1944, when the military situation was quite bad, he used this strong drug that made him euphoric even when reality wasn’t looking euphoric at all.”

Heroin would have delivered him rush of euphoria before spiralling him into a bleary-eyed state of delirium.

But when the drugs wore off, the effects would give way to profuse sweating, severe agitation and uncontrollable anger.

Distributed by a chemist in Berlin and marketed for alertness, the drug was initially sold over the country in pharmacies across Europe.

Just one pill gave the Nazi’s the alertness they needed to remain awake for hours.

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