American voters reap what they sowed: Obama’s policies unleash not only Iran but . . . Moscow

The Obama administration’s decision to side with Iran was a slap in the face and existential threat to both Israel and Saudi Arabia. This is why Israel has been told to prepare for Armageddon and must forget reliance upon its traditional allies. Its enemies bent on its destruction have been emboldened and allowed free rein.


Obama believes that the agreement with Iran is a unique opportunity to limit the escalation of war in the Middle East.In reality, having created a “New Middle East”, where Iranian ayatollahs play the role of the hegemon and covert ally of America, he not only threw dynamite into an already raging fire, but provoked a chain reaction of uncontrollable explosions thousands of kilometers far from the region.

Consequences of the deal with Iran will be ominous, and not only to the Middle East: the West will have to deal not only with the ayatollahs, but with a rival incomparably more powerful and uncontrollable than the ayatollahs — Russia.

At first glance, the conflict between the West and Moscow has nothing to do with the Iran’s deal. But only at first glance.

Iran, from the point of view of Kremlin, should and could pour fuel to the fire in the Middle East, and this coincides with the interests of Iran itself. The window of opportunities opened before Tehran is unique, but short-term – the next USA president perhaps will reject the deal and maybe will try to return to America its place in the world.

Iran cannot afford the luxury of waiting – it must act without a delay.

The aims of the two states are the same. All Moscow needs is to support Iranians diplomatically, provide them with modern weapons, and free their hands giving them a shield against the attacks from outside. Such shield will be an advanced version of S-300 that deprives Israel and Arab states of their possibility to attack Teheran. Iran, in its turn, with the tacit approval of Moscow, can transfer S-300 to its main ally — Hizbullah with its 50,000 missiles.

The current chaos in Europe caused by crowds of refugees was hardly left unnoticed in Tehran and Moscow.

The new wave of refugees from Lebanon (there are about 1.5 million Syrian refugees here) will paralyze Europe, and this is exactly what the both states wish. Panic-stricken Europeans would no longer care about the Russian claims. Oil prices would rise, and the threat from Moscow would be dissolved in the face of hordes from the East.

For the Kremlin such progression of events is not just a preferable option. It is a matter of life and death. So far Putin has achieved the peak of his popularity, but the steady decline of prices for “black gold” and prolonged sanctions act like a noose around his neck.

In Russia, unfortunate czars never retired “with honors”. They were sent to obscurity, as it happened to Peter III and Khrushchev, or murdered in the course of palace coups, like Paul I, and revolutions, like Nicholas II. Hardly probable that such an outcome satisfies Putin.

He has become the ruler returning Russia its glory, power and primordial lands, and he must continue this mission, whether he wants to do it or not.

However, the idea of the “Third Rome”, so popular in Russia today, and the growing power of Moscow against the backdrop of Europe plunging into anarchy cannot remain without a response from the U.S.

This means the conflict, and this conflict will develop according to its own laws beyond the power of Obama.

Obama opened “Pandora’s box” with his Iran deal, and repercussions will be gloomy for the West — naive, and short-sighted.

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