Iran’s Illegal, Inseparable Nuclear and Missile Programs

Why the two programs should not be considered independent of one another.

Today, we see an empowered and emboldened Iranian missile program—one that actually stands in direct violation of United Nations law. The program has not been hindered throughout the jcpoa negotiations, despite the fact that Iran’s missile program can be no more differentiated from the nuclear program than a gun can be from the bullet that it fires.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has recently made comments that help highlight the inexorable link that exists between Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs, and the dangers that they pose.

However, U.S. President Barack Obama and the Iranian government have been striving to create a differentiation between the two for their own benefits. Both parties attempt to portray the missile project as defensive and/or non-nuclear. This recently helped the Iranians: It gave them leverage to have the missile program shunted out of the jcpoa. As such, it also helps the Obama administration. By portraying the missile program as non-nuclear, the administration saves some face when it allows the program to be maintained under the jcpoa.

During a broadcast on Iranian state television, Rouhani stated that Iran “is not committed to the restrictions on its missile program.” The president continued, “We have formally announced that we are not committed to these provisions mentioned in the UN resolution.”

That’s right. Instead, Iran plans to launch headlong into the research and development of its long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles, along with its intermediate and short-range arsenal as well.

As shocking as that sounds, it is still apparently too long for Iran, which has now announced it will do as it pleases regardless of UN law.

The cia’s Open Source Center translated more of Rouhani’s August 29 speech:

The Trumpet has been warning of the rise of Iran, repeatedly highlighting its empowerment through obtaining nuclear weaponry. Rouhani’s boasting should be an ominous warning to all of us. The Islamic nation’s aspirations and capabilities are not being curbed by the nuclear deal. Iran has every intention of charging ahead with its aggressive military programs—and there is nothing the U.S. or UN will do about it.

Full article: Iran’s Illegal, Inseparable Nuclear and Missile Programs (The Trumpet)

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