Hitler secretly made the weapons of the future during the Second World War


Horten Ho 229 bomber, pictured at The Smithsonian, was one of Hitler’s most deadly weapons


Hitler’s Nazi engineers made technological developments which were innovative and far ahead of their time, manufacturing weapons such as sonic cannons, x-ray guns and land cruisers.

The magazine Weapons of WWII has exhibited some of Hitler’s secret Nazi weapons in its Autumn 2015 issue.

The Fritz X, one of Hitler’s most secret bombs, is widely considered to be the grandfather of today’s smart bomb.

It could penetrate 28in of armour and could be deployed from 20,000ft, meaning it could be out of reach for antiaircraft equipment at the time.

The “flying wing” bomber was designed to carry 2,000lbs of armaments while flying at 49,000ft above ground level and travelling at speeds north of 600mph.

First flown in 1944, the Horten Ho 229 was the world’s premiere stealth aircraft, equipped with twin turbojet engines, two cannons, and R4M rockets.

The Nazis allocated half a million Reich Marks to manufacturing the plane which has inspired modern stealth aircrafts such as the Northrop Gruman B-2 bomber.

Full article: Hitler secretly made the weapons of the future during the Second World War (The Independent)

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