Putin Issues Ultimatum, Threatens War Over Erdogan’s Support of ISIS

In case you missed this overlooked breaking news from last month:


Putin issues an ultimatum to Turkey, “End all military support for ISIS”

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a meeting with the Turkish Ambassador issued a verbal ultimatum calling for an immediate end to Turkey’s support for ISIS and violations of Syria’s sovereignty.  In doing to, Putin has drawn a red line over Syria, after weeks of escalating NATO moves against that beleaguered nation.

In a startling move, Russian President Vladimir Putin castigated Turkish President Recep Erdogan, calling him a “dictator” and threatening to sever diplomatic ties with Turkey over what Putin claims is Erdogan’s continued support of the ISIS terror organization.

It is believed that this is in response to Erdogan’s claim, pasted across the western press yesterday, that Putin had told him Russia was no longer going to support Syria in their war against al Qaeda, ISIS and their western backed sister organizations.

Putin summoned Turkish Ambassador to Moscow, Umit Yardim to the Kremlin for what turned out to be a two hour diatribe by Putin with fiery accusations returned by the Turkish Ambassador.  This is the best translation of key statements made by Putin:

“Tell your dictator Erdogan to go to hell and that unless he stops well established and easily proven support for ISIS, Russia will sever diplomatic relations.  We are  prepared to turn Syria into a big Stalingrad for Turkey and her Saudi allies and their vicious little gang of Hitlers.

Your little dictator is a hypocrite, attacking the military coup in Egypt while, at the same time, he is trying to overthrow the elected government of Syria. As it stands, China, Iran and Russia will guarantee the survival of Syria.”

In June 2015, Erdogan failed to win a majority in a national election, one swayed from Erdogan by a large Kurdish opposition vote.  Erdogan has continued to rule without forming a government giving credibility to President Putin’s claim of Erdogan’s dictatorial rule.

It is estimated that a minimum of 25,000 ISIS fighters have transited Turkey into both Syria and Iraq since 2011. In the last 18 months, a number of Turkish officers have been killed or captured inside Syria.  Additionally, most ISIS and al Nusra fighters captured by Syrian, Kurdish and Iraqi forces have told of Turkey’s full complicity in their terror operations.

It should be noted that the terror attack of June 20, 2015, purportedly by ISIS against Erdogan’s Kurdish political opponents in the town of Suruc, was used to provide a rationale for the Turkish air assault on Syria and Iraq.  Turkey has flown hundreds of sorties against Kurdish villages along with providing air support for ISIS terrorists fighting against Kurdish forces of the YPG and PKK.

Full article: Putin Issues Ultimatum, Threatens War Over Erdogan’s Support of ISIS (Veterans Today)

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