What Putin Said at Eastern Economic Forum Apart From Economics

Apart from the Russian economy, its dependence on oil prices, and the economic development of Russia’s Far East, President Putin touched upon the politics of Ukraine, the EU and US, Europe’s attitude towards the Second World War and much more at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok on Friday.

Presodent [sic] Putin gave his inaugural speech at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, addressing foreign dignitaries and representatives from major Asia-Pacific companies.

Then he talked to journalists and here is a number of key topics he touched upon.


“Ukraine is under external control, all the key posts in the government are held by outsiders, and now foreigners even hold key posts in the regions — this, I think, is an insult to the Ukrainian people.”

“Really, in Ukraine are there no orderly, honest, capable managers? Of course there are,”

“It doesn’t depend on us, it depends on the patience of Ukraine, of the Ukrainian people — how long the Ukrainian people are willing to endure this chaos.”

Migrants in Europe

“I think the crisis was absolutely expected. We in Russia, and me personally several times said it straight that pervasive problems would emerge, if our so-called Western partners continued to maintain their flawed, as I always stressed it, foreign policy, which they pursue to date, especially in regions of the Muslim world [such as] Middle East, North Africa.

What kind of policy is it? It is the imposition of their own standards worldwide without taking into account the historical, religious, national or cultural characteristics of particular regions.

Readiness for Military Action in the Fight Against the Islamic State

“It is a separate issue; we see what is going on – the American [air units] are making certain strikes. The efficiency of these air strikes is low. But it is premature to say that we are ready to do the same. We are providing serious support to Syria: equipment, training for military personnel and armaments.”

Full article: What Putin Said at Eastern Economic Forum Apart From Economics (Sputnik News)

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