Hu Jintao appears in ill health at Beijing military parade

Jiang looked to be in good health, whereas Hu Jintao’s hands were shaking, which has raised suspicions that he may be in ill health, according to the website.

Jiang appeared to be in good spirits, although he needed help descending the stairs. Jiang gripped the railing with only three fingers, however, analysts, said, which suggests that he may be having problems with his hands and this may even suggest bad circulation, according to Duowei. All of the leaders were wearing make-up, so it was hard to tell the state of their health from their complexion, the analysts said.

The shaking of Hu Jintao’s hands suggests that he is in ill health and lends credence rumors that the former president has suffered two strokes.

Overseas media outlets have also picked up on Hu’s ill health, suggesting that he may have Parkinsons.

Full article: Hu Jintao appears in ill health at Beijing military parade (Want China Times)

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