Russia to begin production of new high-speed helo in 2022

Russia’s future RACHEL high-speed helicopter will no doubt feature elements of Kamov’s new Ka-92 co-axial compound with a pusher-propeller design (pictured) to achieve its stated top speed of 270 kt. Source: IHS/Patrick Allen


Russia is to begin production of a new helicopter that will be capable of speeds of up to 270 kt (500 km/h; 310 mph) in the early part of the next decade, state media reported on 1 September.

Development of the high-speed helicopter is progressing well, with a prototype expected to make its maiden flight in 2018, the TASS news agency quoted Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces Colonel General Viktor Bondarev as saying. Serial production should begin in 2022, he added.

Commonly referred to as the Russian Advanced Commercial Helicopter (RACHEL), this new high-speed platform is being developed by the Mil and Kamov design houses as an eventual replacement for the Mil Mi-8/17 ‘Hip’ series. Although billed in its moniker as a commercial project, it has obvious military applications with many hundreds of Mi-8/17s serving today in Russia and beyond.

Full article: Russia to begin production of new high-speed helo in 2022 (IHS Jane’s 360)

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