OMINOUS: What Russia and China are doing together should make us very nervous

Russian and Chinese militaries met in the last few weeks in the Pacific to conduct the largest joint training exercises in the history of the two nations. While floating in the Sea of Japan, Russian and Chinese men and machines worked together to show the world their commitment to one another, as well as their combined military might.

Despite the historic nature of the recent joint exercises, 
“The Chinese state-controlled media agency Xinhua downplayed any suggestion that the exercise was designed to make a political point, claiming it “was not targeted to any third party.”

Ha. Tell that to Taiwan and Japan.

Apparently Russian and Chinese military forces are cooperating better than at any time in recent history while these two economic giants are shaking hands over new energy deals. And that would be great for us — and for the security of the world — if they were only willing to do the same with the U.S. While they mutually commit to cyber peace, they attack the United State [sic] more than ever. While Russian aggression increases and China wrestles with the free market on its way to becoming an economic juggernaut, President Obama is visiting Alaska to dramatize the threats of climate change.

Because of our reduced ability to project power beyond the seas (and frankly, given how we are reducing our Navy, there’s not much power ON the seas) we are witnessing, in this day and age a power vacuum over the Pacific Ocean and across the planet. The course of history is littered with nations that should have acted boldly but choose instead to limit themselves. This is yet another example of what happens as a result of Obama’s foreign policy weakness.

Full article: OMINOUS: What Russia and China are doing together should make us very nervous (Allen West)

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