Iran Vows to Violate UN Restrictions on Ballistic Missiles

Iran missile stocks increase

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani vowed that the Islamic Republic would violate outstanding United Nations restrictions governing the country’s ballistic missile program and that the behavior would not violate the recent nuclear accord, according to a translation of the leader’s remarks performed by the CIA’s Open Source Center.

Iran is “not committed to the restrictions on its missile program,” according to a recent comment made by Rouhani, who said  a violation of  international restrictions would not impact the nuclear accord recently reached with global powers.

“We have formally announced that we are not committed to these provisions [related to missiles] mentioned in [the] U.N. resolution,” Rouhani was quoted as saying in an Aug. 29 Persian language speech broadcast on Iran’s state-controlled television networks.

It is written into the nuclear accord that a violation of U.N. bans on Iran’s missile program will not impact the deal.

Within the deal “we have explained that a violation of the U.N. resolution does not mean violation of the JCPOA,” or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, according to Rouhani, who bragged that Iran’s missile stockpiles have grown under his tenure as president.

Critics of the accord have warned that Iran will bolster its missile arsenal and develop technology to launch a nuclear weapon.

Full article: Iran Vows to Violate UN Restrictions on Ballistic Missiles (Washington Free Beacon)

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