China Promotes View of Global History to Counter Western Narrative

There’s no doubt the United States has made its own mistakes in history, however, let there be no doubt that this is pure propaganda and a possible attempt to re-write history books. It’s also known that Japan was the aggressor and China the victim during World War II. But since then, things have changed and China has shown signs of its imperial ambitions throughout Asia and the rest of the world. They’ve threatened to nuke the U.S. dollar, promised hand-to-hand combat and to exterminate America. In addition to Chinese public consumption, let there be no doubt that America is the main targeted audience of this parade. We’ll see that when the PLA shows off their new nuclear ICBMs — which were built and designed to reach one country in mind.


China’s military parade to commemorate the end of World War II presents to the world a major view of global history from the Asian perspective radically different from the West’s, or Anglo-American narrative, diplomats and scholars told Sputnik.

“The September 3 celebrations will undoubtedly be an opportunity for Beijing to promote its views of history, Woodrow Wilson Center Senior Northeast Asia Analyst Shihoko Goto told Sputnik.

That view is completely unknown in the West, historians point out.

China’s role in pinning down millions of Japanese soldiers throughout the Pacific War has been completely overlooked in the United States, Matthew Dal Santo of the University of Copenhagen told Sputnik.

“These commemorative events repeatedly remind us that the Anglosphere [the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand]’s World War II was not the same as everyone else’s, above all [not the same as] Russia and China’s,” he said.

Full article: China Promotes View of Global History to Counter Western Narrative (Sputnik News)

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