Russia and China Are Using Hacked Data to Identify and Neutralize U.S. Agents

As was predicted, the U.S. intelligence community has been fully compromised. Hopefully not, but it might only be a matter of time before we — like the dead bankers and ongoing U.S. military purge — start seeing a list of dead U.S. agents piling up.


This is one of the great scandals of the Obama administration–really, of the post-war era. But our Democratic Party media, fearful of what may be coming in next year’s presidential election, have consistently downplayed it. The Los Angeles Times reports: “Foreign spies use hacked data to identify U.S. intelligence agents.”

Foreign spy services, especially in China and Russia, are aggressively aggregating and cross-indexing hacked U.S. computer databases — including security clearance applications, airline records and medical insurance forms — to identify U.S. intelligence officers and agents, U.S. officials said.

At least one clandestine network of U.S. engineers and scientists who provide technical assistance to U.S. undercover operatives and agents overseas has been compromised as a result, according to two U.S. officials.

This is a very big problem. Is Barack Obama concerned about it? Or is his attention devoted entirely to fomenting race hatred in the United States? National security is, apparently, the least of his concerns.

Asked whether adversaries had used this information against U.S. operatives, [William Evanina, a top U.S. counterintelligence official] said, “absolutely.”

U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, say China and Russia are collecting and scrutinizing sensitive U.S. computer files for counterintelligence purposes.

Russia and China have repeatedly carried out acts of war against the United States, perhaps emboldened by the knowledge that our administration doesn’t like America any better than they do. Don’t forget Russia’s attack on the State Department’s and White House’s computer systems, which we reported on over and over, but which liberal media buried because the story broke just before the 2014 election, when the Democratic Party was already in deep trouble. As we reported at the time, the Obama administration never did notice that the White House’s own computers, and the State Department’s, had been infiltrated by a foreign power. They shut down White House and State Department computers only because they were alerted to the Russian attack by an ally, most likely Israel.

Full article: Russia and China Are Using Hacked Data to Identify and Neutralize U.S. Agents (Powerline)

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