PLA to showcase new advanced ICBM in V-J Day parade

Military analyst Leung Kwok-leung told CNA that the People’s Liberation Army has replaced its DF-5 missiles with the DF-5A series since the former’s public appearance in a military parade in 1984. Leung said he personally believes that DF-5B, which has never been shown to the public before, is the same model as one reported earlier as the DF-51 missile.

Leung said the DF-5B is an all-new, multiple-warhead, solid/liquid fueled and silo-launched missile with a maximum range of 15,000 km.

Due to the use of solid fuel for its first rocket, the DF-5B needs only 15-30 minutes to complete its launch preparations, which is much shorter than China’s other ICBMs, which need at least two hours of preparation before they can be fired.

It is very difficult to intercept the DF-5B because it carries multiple warheads and can change its flight path, Leung said.

Full article: PLA to showcase new advanced ICBM in V-J Day parade (Want China Times)

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