Missing: Radioactive Material Sent to Texas A&M

TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY – Texas A&M and a shipping company are searching for radioactive material that was supposed to find its way to an on-campus office, but has gone missing.

On Friday, an internal email was sent by Christopher Meyer, an assistant vice president with the Office of Safety and Security, asking for assistance in finding this box.

According to the email, the FedEx shipment left from Edina, Minnesota, and the Science Engineering and Education Company. SEE Co. has a branch that makes radioactive material for equipment and research called Ritverc.

“The outside of the package has a logo from RITVERC and has UN2910 marking,” according to Meyer’s email obtained by News 3. UN2910 is a label used to denote radioactive material in a limited quantity.

The package is said to be a medium sized cardboard box, each side 20 inches in length, and weighing about 27 pounds.

The memo also says FedEx records show a delivery of the package on August 21, with a “KHOUSELY” signing for it.

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One response to “Missing: Radioactive Material Sent to Texas A&M

  1. “Texas A&M University has located the radioactive source package that was missing. It was found in one of our secure hazardous material storage facilities. The package was unopened, undamaged and in its original shipping condition. The package is safe for transportation and storage and the community was never in any danger.”