Hypersonic ‘Carrier Killer’: China Unveils Its Deadliest Ballistic Missiles



China’s newest and deadliest weapons, including the most lethal ICBM in Beijing’s arsenal and an aircraft carrier killer, could be spotted for the first time during a rehearsal for the military parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

But it was the hypersonic DF-21D, dubbed “carrier-killer,” that caught Kazianis’ attention. Go no further to get a taste of what the missile is capable of:

The DF-21D “slams down on its target – an oceangoing vessel like an aircraft carrier – at speeds of Mach 10 to Mach 12. Most sources suggest the missile holds the ability to attack naval vessels up to approximately 1,000 miles away, outranging by many times the strike range of all US aircraft aboard existing carriers,” the analyst wrote in an article titled “On Display: China’s Master Plan to Sink the US Navy.”

The DF-26, an upgraded version of the DF-21, is said to be capable of reaching the US island of Guam which hosts several American military installations.

Beijing is making a break with the traditions by displaying its best armaments. Until now the country refrained from showcasing what the Chinese media referred to as “sensitive” weaponry. The move exposes “China’s greater confidence in its military strength … and [projects an image] of a responsible world power,” high-ranking military official Shao Yongling told the Global Times.

Full article: Hypersonic ‘Carrier Killer’: China Unveils Its Deadliest Ballistic Missiles (Sputnik News)

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