AIIB President Describes Launch by End of 2015 as Priority

TBILISI (Sputnik) — The first president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Jin Liqun, said Tuesday it would be his priority to ensure the bank is operational by the end of 2015.

“My main priority will be to finalize the operational and financial policies as well as to take practical steps which will help to launch the bank until the end of the year,” Jin Liqun said at a press conference following his election to the AIIB presidential post.

On Tuesday, Jin Liqun, a former Chinese deputy finance minister, was elected as the first president of the AIIB. According to a RIA Novosti source in the Russian AIIB delegation, the post will be officially confirmed by the board of governors before the end of the year, but his duties as the Acting President could start on September 1.

According to Jin Liqun, the bank operations must consistently be technically, financially, economically and socially stable.

“The AIIB must comply with the highest international standards. The AIIB bank should be responsible before the customers, look forward and to be goal-oriented,” Jin Liqun said.

Full article: AIIB President Describes Launch by End of 2015 as Priority (Sputnik News)

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