Camouflage Skill: Russian Armed Forces Made Airfield Disappear for Hours

During exercises of the chemical and biological corps in the Samara region, army forces managed to make a highly critical facility invisible for a long time period. It was made invisible against visual intelligence and missile detection systems.

The ‘critical facility’ is a term used by specialists to describe a large military airfield, army headquarters and control bases, bridges of strategic importance, electric stations and other vital military infrastructure.

These are primary targets during enemy rocket or bomb attacks. That is why armed forces continually develop new and sometimes untraditional methods of safeguarding important facilities. One such method was tested in the Samara region.

“Using the spray mixture and hydro gaseous equipment installed in vehicles on GAZ-66 base, army corps managed to spray a gas cloud on an area of two and a half kilometers which for 5 hours made the critical facility invisible to the naked eye and also for scanning in thermal and other spectra,” said the head of press service of the Central Military District, Jaroslav Roschupki, in an interview for website ‘RG’.


Full article: Camouflage Skill: Russian Armed Forces Made Airfield Disappear for Hours (Spacewar)

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