Beijing’s V-J Day parade is a warning to US, says expert

Beijing’s Sept. 3 military parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Victory over Japan Day is partly aimed at sending a message of warning to the United States, says Huang Dong, president of the Macau International Military Institute.

In an interview with the Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao, Huang said the purpose of the parade goes beyond just commemorating victory in World War II and includes demonstrating China’s military prowess to the US and warning Washington to not “interfere” in its regional activities, in particular its territorial disputes in the East China and South China seas.

According to Huang, the parade offers China a platform to develop its “diplomatic friendships” and also “flex its muscles” amid regional tensions with countries like Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines, all of which are backed by the US. The live broadcasting of such a large-scale parade with the country’s latest weapons is also more “peaceful” than one that lacks transparency, Huang said, adding that it indicates that “China is becoming more and more intelligent.”

As President Xi Jinping is visiting the US later the same month, a show of strength in the parade will provide Xi with greater leverage when he meets President Obama, Huang said.

Colonel Peng Yulong of the People’s Liberation Army’s Academy of Military Sciences has also penned a commentary in the China Youth Daily claiming that V-J Day military parades may become “normalized” in the future, becoming a specialized branch separated from the country’s National Day military parades.


Full article: Beijing’s V-J Day parade is a warning to US, says expert (Want China Times)

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