Who Would Win A War In The South China Sea: The Pentagon Infographic



Back in May we highlighted an infographic showing how China stacks up, from the perspective of maritime military might, to its neighbors and to the US.

The context (of course), is the ongoing dispute over China’s land reclamation project in the South China Sea where Beijing has constructed, at last count, some 3,000 acres of sovereign territory atop reefs in the Spratlys. 

As we detailed on Friday, the US and its regional allies say it’s an illegitimate attempt to redraw maritime boundaries and project military supremacy while China claims it’s simply doing what other countries in the region have been doing for years. Should the situation escalate from a war of words to a war of bullets and missiles, here’s a reminder – from the Pentagon’s new Asia Pacific Maritime Security Strategy report – of how the potential combatants match up.

Full article: Who Would Win A War In The South China Sea: The Pentagon Infographic (Zero Hedge)

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