China currency war fears causing collapse in U.S. stock market

(NaturalNews) Americans and people all over the world are still traumatized from the 2007 and 2008 crash that altered world economies. In many ways, we are still recovering from that crisis and countless people and regions worldwide are still recovering. Think Greece, and Brazil; these countries have never fully recovered. So when the headlines today are sounding the alarm about U.S. stock markets taking a plunge, people everywhere are bracing themselves for the worst possible scenario. Can we really weather another 2008 crash? (Article republished from
CNBC reports:

“Right now there is a feeling of fear in the marketplace and all news is interpreted negatively and it’s interpreted indiscriminately,” said Tom Digenan, head of U.S. equities as UBS Global Asset Management. …

“I think uncertainty about China (and) general negativity is weighing on the market. There’s a lack of positive economic news to motivate buyers,” said David Kelly, chief global strategist at JPMorgan Funds. He noted “there’s nothing particularly negative in the U.S. economic outlook.”[1]

Despite Kelly’s optimism, the DOW today is down almost 360 points.[2] (Remember, CNBC is the same media outlet that advised people to take out subprime car loans to invest in the stock market.[3] That’s right: They preyed on poor people looking for financial advice, telling them to take on a huge burden of debt that would be difficult or impossible to pay off in a risky gamble in order to bolster the subprime auto loan bubble.)

Markets worldwide are falling. It’s difficult to tell what will happen next as oil prices plunge, and the DOW seems to be going down by the minute.

China is imploding along with all the commodities. The leading indicators are suggesting a slowdown in the U.S. on the eve of a rate liftoff by the Federal Reserve. The question is, how far will it fall? Keep informed of all market trends at, powered by

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