N Korea Orders Military To Be ‘Ready For War’

Kim Jong-Un reportedly tells his forces to prepare for military action as tensions continue to rise on the Korean Peninsula.

It comes after Seoul said North Korea fired a shell across the border into South Korea, which responded with multiple rounds of artillery fire.

Kim Jong-Un declared a “quasi-state of war” after convening an emergency meeting of the communist country’s military leaders, Yonhap reported North Korean TV as saying.

The North had earlier threatened military action if the South continued pumping propaganda into the North across the border using loud speakers.

Anti-Pyongyang statements have been broadcast across the frontier in recently.

The North is believed to have been aiming the shell at one of the loudspeakers.

The US Department of Defence said it was monitoring the Korean Peninsula closely and the UN said it was following tensions “with serious concern”.

About 28,500 American troops remain stationed in South Korea, with the US having retained bases following the end of the Korean War in 1953.

Full article: N Korea Orders Military To Be ‘Ready For War’ (sky NEWS)

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