Berlin WEC Nov 28th/29th


Unquestionably, there is now an overwhelming majority of people who are predicting A Stock Market Crash In The Fall Of 2015. Most are centered on our target date plus or minus a few days. We are in a period where the central banks are against the wall and are indeed defenseless against any market implosion.

But are we really looking at some mega-collapse of all time? It seems gold is rallying on cue just after the WSJ called it a pet rock. The press touts it is rising because they think the Fed will not raise rates. But is seems that the hedge funds were too short gold and the timing was just not right. True, some bailed out when our computer flipped to a long-position. Many professionals have learned they should not be on the opposite side of Socrates even when they may not be following our forecast generally.

You can bet on one thing. This is not going to be plain vanilla outcome. There will be no mega super-cycle collapse in equities inside the USA. We are dealing with a collapse in government and there is nobody alive who has gone through such an event so it is hard to see how people will be able to forecast the next four years from an opinion perspective. This takes models going back more than 300 years.

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