WARNING: Britons in Turkey face new ISIS threat as terrorists urge locals to go on attack

You should also likely add Americans and Australians, or any Westerner for that matter, to the list of vacationers in Turkey who shouldn’t be vacationing in Turkey until the nation decides to straighten itself out.




BRITONS holidaying in Turkey are facing fresh fears of an ISIS attack after the terror group urged locals to join their sick regime and attack tourist hotspots.

A new propaganda video released online called on Muslims in the country to “conquer Istanbul”, one of the Middle East’s most popular destinations.

Just two months ago 30 British tourists were killed by an ISIS gunman on a beach in Tunisia.

The Home Office has already warned holidaymakers to avoid several regions in Turkey, particularly near the border with Iraq and Syria.

More than 2.5million British sunseekers visit the country, which has a 98.9 per cent Muslim population, each year.

The seven-minute ISIS clip, titled ‘A Message to Turkey’, comes after the United States and Turkey formed a military coalition to fight the group.

In the video, a fighter speaks in Turkish to the camera and brands president Recep Tayyip Erdogan a “traitor” for allowing the US to “bombard the people of Islam”.

He adds: “To the people of Turkey, you have to immediately rebel and fight against this Satan [Erdogan] who fooled you and made you a slave to crusaders and atheists.”

“Athiests” is a reference to Kurdish PKK militants, some of whom have fought against ISIS in Syria.

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