Russian ‘mole’ infiltrated Western intelligence in Australia, says ex-MI5 spy

A Russian “mole” infiltrated Australia’s spy agency during the height of the Cold War, according to a British-born Australian intelligence agent who has revealed her concerns for the first time.

Molly Sasson, 92, worked for the Royal Air Force intelligence and MI5 before moving to Australia to work for Asio, the domestic spy agency.

She has now gone public with her claims that Asio was infiltrated by a spy in the 1970s but the agency ignored warnings from its own operatives and from the CIA station chief in Canberra.

It is believed Russia considered Australia an easier path to accessing Western intelligence than via agencies in the US or Britain.

“I have no doubt at all that ASIO was penetrated,” Ms Sasson told ABC News.

“The Soviets always seemed to be a step ahead of us. If we put on an operation, it failed. There must have been a tip-off. It can’t have been otherwise.”

Ms Sasson recounted an episode in which a suspected Russian agent named Vladimir Dobrogorsky was believed to be planning to exchange information with an Australian man at 6.30pm in Telopea Park, a leafy park near the centre of Canberra.

Australian agents watched the park but the exchange did not occur and it later emerged that Dobrogorsky had left the Soviet embassy for Moscow that morning.

“He never came back,” Ms Sasson told The Australian. “I am convinced that someone within Asio tipped him off. “

Full article: Russian ‘mole’ infiltrated Western intelligence in Australia, says ex-MI5 spy (The Telegraph)

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