We Deserve What We Get



QUESTION: Marty— Every post is enlightening. I was intrigued that there is no ‘plunge protection team’. I believe you, because you have been behind the curtain. Then what is the ‘Presidents Working Group’ and what does Kevin Henry do? Enlighten me more!

Thank you.

ANSWER: That was a presidential executive order from 1988. I myself was called in back then because of the 1987 Crash. If such a team existed, then what happened in the 2000 Dot.COM bubble crash? Where were they in 2007-2009? I guarantee you they will not be there the next time either.

There is a huge difference from claiming to create some committee and actually having power, funding, etc to do such a job. The closest you have to that is simply the Federal Reserve. They lowered interest rates to help the banks and are now trapped. They have screwed the entire pension fund community and you have the rest of the world pleading with them not to raise rates, but the fact of the matter is there is no such omnipotent group pulling the strings perfectly.

Some people just have to believe in some dark sinister forces. They are lost souls incapable of seeing the truth. I met with governments around the world. Why even ask me anything if they are in control? It is a complete hoax. Nobody is in control and I suppose the only thing that will prove that is the collapse of government. Ah, then there will be those who will claim it was a Rothschild and Banker’s plot to destroy all wealth somehow.

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