Russia to Engage US in Space Wars With New Electronic Warfare Technology

The Russians will stop at nothing when it comes to being dishonest, especially since they have seemingly already started to weaponize space. They provoked the U.S. into doing it, and now they’re pretending to be the victim and running propaganda stories like this.


“If the United States starts developing and launching its battle stations into space, Russia will have to respond in kind — namely with the development of high-performance Electronic Warfare (EW) tools on different types of bases; the use of these tools will be a distinct advantage [for Russia],” Nasenkov said, as quoted by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Defense industry enterprises already have the necessary scientific and technological foundation, including layout models for future EW tools, the high-ranking RETC official said.

All Russia needs right now is a political decision and appropriate funding to kick start the project, Nasenkov said.

Full article: Russia to Engage US in Space Wars With New Electronic Warfare Technology (Sputnik News)

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