Melted fuel from Fukushima disaster still missing

Before officials can tackle the challenge of removing the melted fuel, they first have to find out where the nuclear waste is located. The radiation levels at the wreckage are too high for people to investigate. In an effort to find the missing waste, engineers have developed remote control robots to withstand the radiation levels.

Even remote control robots are insufficient to probe the crippled reactors. A robot probe quit working in three hours after it was sent into Fukushima’s No. 1 plant to collect radiation levels. The mission was intended to last ten hours. The probe was designed to withstand high radiation levels. No one knows exactly why the robot stopped working.

Tokyo continues to be promoted for 2020 Olympics regardless of sea life contamination

Fukushima is a debacle of massive proportions. Nevertheless, Japan’s Prime Minister Abe Shinzo continues to promote Tokyo as the site for the 2020 summer Olympics. Many have expressed concern about Fukushima, which has contaminated not just the air but the water as well.

In an effort to expose these lies, the journalist Hirose Takashi wrote a letter to young athletes that expressed in simple prose just how bad Fukushima is. As Takashi notes, the nuclear reactor core melted to ground level. The melted fuel is like an acid that burns through and eats everything in its path. It seeps into the ground, turning cool water deep beneath the Earth into the toxic depths of Hell. The groundwater then circulates back into the sea, where it contaminates fish and other sea life. Now, a major source of seafood has become polluted.

Water has been poured into the reactors in an effort to the cool the melted fuel. No one knows how much the melted fuel has cooled. What is known is that the water used to cool the melted fuel is contaminated.

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