U.S. military ‘outraged’ by Turkey’s attacks on Kurdish forces after anti-ISIL deal

ISIS was never their target in the first place and Washington has turned a blind eye after reaching a deal to have additional base access. ISIS is a welcomed guest free to roam around Turkey and even receive medical care if needed thanks to the Obama administration turning its back on the Kurds.

The U.S. military outrage may indeed be genuine, but the catalyst was surely engineered in Washington.


Leaders within the United States military were said to be “outraged” when Turkey launched air strikes against Kurdish forces in northern Iraq only hours after Ankara reached a deal with the U.S. to allow use of a key air base in the fight against Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL).

A U.S. military source said American special forces stationed in northern Iraq who were training Kurdish Peshmerga troops had almost no warning before Turkey launched air strikes on Kurdish PKK forces.

“We had no idea who the Turkish fighters were, their call signs, what frequencies they were using, their altitude or what they were squawking [to identify the jets on radar],” the source said.

The source told Fox News that a Turkish officer entered the allied headquarters for the air war against ISIL and “announced that the strike would begin in 10 minutes and he needed all allied jets flying above Iraq to move south of Mosul immediately. We were outraged.”

The U.S. military source said that Turkish military officials asked the U.S.-led coalition officers to reveal the trainers’ specific whereabouts to avoid bombing them, but the officers refused.

“No way we were giving that up,” the source said. “If one of our guys got hit, the Turks would blame us. We gave the Turks large grids to avoid bombing. We could not risk having U.S. forces hit by Turkish bombs.”

Full article: U.S. military ‘outraged’ by Turkey’s attacks on Kurdish forces after anti-ISIL deal (World Tribune)

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