Russia ‘preparing for war’ against Britain and Nato as Ukraine conflict escalates

RUSSIA is gearing up for a war against Britain and Nato, according to alarming new claims.

A leading European think tank has said a Russian military exercise in March demonstrated that Russia “is actively preparing for a conflict with Nato”.

The European Leadership network also claimed a similar exercise by Nato in June indicated that the two powers were training their forces to get to grips with each other’s strengths and military plans.

Spokesmen for Nato and Russia said the operations were designed with “hypothetical opponents” in mind.

The warning came just a day after defence secretary Michael Fallon warned the Russian separatists in Ukraine could seize more territory, and that the “red hot” conflict was set to escalate.

But the minister, who is currently in Ukraine, dismissed claims of an imminent war with Putin’s Russia – but said he could not see an end to the conflict “any time soon”.

Full article: Russia ‘preparing for war’ against Britain and Nato as Ukraine conflict escalates (Express)

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