US Nuclear Arsenal ‘Aging and Nearing the End of Its Useful Service Life’

Who needs nuclear disarmament in the U.S. when the American system will age itself out of existence?

The cost of upgrading is skyrocketing and the building of new ones is highly unlikely under the Obama administration as human lives, the physical security and existence of the United States evidently aren’t worth the effort.

America suiciding itself in every which way is perfect for the enemies.



ASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The United States has invested billions to upgrade its nuclear program because its current stockpile has aged considerably and is losing operational effectiveness, a nuclear watchdog group told Sputnik.

“The biggest cost driver is that the current US nuclear arsenal is aging and nearing the end of its useful service life,” Arms Control Association Director of Disarmament and Threat Reduction Kingston Reif told Sputnik on Monday.

The US government’s 25-year plan to upgrade its nuclear arsenal is now estimated to cost $293 billion, an increase of nearly $18 billion on the 2014 estimate, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) said in a report last week.

The United States, Reif explained, has to make major investments in nuclear submarines, bombers, missiles, warheads and infrastructure to sustain its current number of nuclear weapons.

However, he argued, US spending plans to modernize its nuclear forces are ultimately unsustainable and unnecessary because the size of the arsenal is beyond reason.

Full article: US Nuclear Arsenal ‘Aging and Nearing the End of Its Useful Service Life’ (Sputnik News)

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