Russia Reportedly Developing a Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier

The Vladivostok Mistral-class helicopter carrier docking at Saint-Nazaire harbor, western France, on Nov.14, 2014. (AP Photo/Laetitia Notarianni)


“The project of a future Russian aircraft carrier, or as it is sometimes referred to as naval aircraft carrying complex, is in the design phase. Research conducted by the Nevskoye Design Bureau indicates that the sole way of meeting the Navy’s requirements, such as power generation, sea endurance and voyage range is to equip the ship with a nuclear power plant,” a spokesperson with the United Shipbuilding Corporation has told the TASS agency.

The Nevskoye Design Bureau, which is Russia’s main designer for large surface vessels, builds civilian tankers, bulk cargo carriers, and heavy aircraft carriers.

But according to another report from Defense World, a Russian military official said Russia won’t start building a new carrier until after 2015.

“Work for creating an aircraft carrier has never stopped. The Navy has strict demands for an aircraft carrier,” the Russian Military official was quoted as saying by state-run media outlets, according to Defense World.

Full article: Russia Reportedly Developing a Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier (The Epoch Times)

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