Russia to Debut ‘World’s Deadliest Tank’

Has NATO-proof defense capabilities, radar-resistant paint

The tank, called the Armata T-14, is designed to serve as the military’s main battle tank. It exhibits several unexpected and expensive features, including exterior paint that resists radar detection and NATO-proof defense capabilities.

The Moscow Times reports:

“Already touted as exceptionally deadly, the tank was designed with special stealth technologies, said Khalitov. In particular, the tank’s hull features special radar absorbing paint and materials that make it resistant to rapid detection by radar, he explained.

If the tank is seen, it boasts a heavy “Ural armor” and electromagnetic defenses that confuse incoming guided projectiles — a type of defense known as softkill measures. The tank also sports what is known as a hardkill system — explosive plates layered on the hull of the tank that explode outward to destroy incoming projectiles.

In order to further boost the tank crew’s survivability, the Armata features a modular internal layout that separates the crew cabin from the gun and ammunition storage compartment. This in theory would allow the crew to survive a shot that detonates the tank’s ammunition.”

In addition, a source at the Russian Tractor Plants company told the defense and security intelligence website IHS Jane’s 360 that the Armata has the ability to “resist anti-tank gun shells adopted by NATO countries, including the state-of-the-art APFSDS DM53 and DM63 developed by Rheinmetall [and] anti-tank ground missiles with high-explosive anti-tank warheads.”

The source added that the tank’s hardkill system is “innovative” and has “no known world equivalents.”

Full article: Russia to Debut ‘World’s Deadliest Tank’ (Washington Free Beacon)

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