Russia creates new Aerospace Force service branch


The Aerospace Forces (VKS) has been formed by the merger of the Russian Air Force (VVS) and the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces (VKO).

Speaking during a teleconference, Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu stated that “joining the Air Forces and Aerospace Defence is the best option to improve the system of aerospace defence of the country”, as reported by Russia’s TASS news agency.

The service branch is formally known as the Aerospace Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. It is divided into three sub-branches: air force; air and missile defence missile troops; space forces. The VVS and RKO were formally merged together to form the VKS on 1 August.

The VKO will be responsible for providing airborne protection of the country; to be able to defeat opposed forces using both conventional and nuclear weapons; to provide aviation support for the other armed services; protect against ballistic missiles; provide early warning; launch military and dual-use satellites; maintain military satellites; and monitor, identify, and protect Russia from space threats.

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    • Sorry to say, but you’re a few years behind on the pace of the Russian threat. Read, for example, the following article:

      Russia Prepares for War

      Feel free to look at the archives and topics/tags for further information. The world is one step away from a third world war — and that’s not an alarmist exaggeration, as evidenced here and many other sites who pay attention.

      • A new world war is plausible, I agree. Do you think that the Arctic will be a key battleground if this is the case? Several countries are claiming a stake to sections of the resource rich seabed. Russia has significantly increased her Arctic capabilities… Would the conflict significantly play out across the Arctic as well?