Nearly complete Hainan PLA Navy base can dock 2 carriers: Kanwa

The basic construction of China’s second People’s Liberation Army Navy aircraft carrier base on Hainan was completed in November 2014, according to an article in the August issue of Kanwa Defense Review, cited by the Chinese-language website of China’s Global Times.

The base incorporates a pier which can dock large ships on both sides, suggesting that both carriers can dock at the PLA Navy’s carrier bases at the same time, according to the magazine. The magazine stated that the new base is 700 meters long, giving it the longest carrier berths in the world. The US Navy carrier base in Yokosuka in Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture is only 400 m long, however, Naval Station Norfolk, in Virginia, which is just 430 m in length, can also take carriers in two directions.

China’s two carrier bases are also the widest in the world, at 120 m, said the magazine. This width allows for the rapid supplying of ships on both sides, allowing supply ships to weave around the dock freely.

Construction on the second base began in 2011 and the building on the base was completed within four years, the magazine stated. The new base is almost contiguous with the Yulin nuclear-powered submarine base and if the two bases are taken together, they will constitute the PLA Navy’s largest multirole base. In October 2012, the docks started to take form, but the external structure was still under construction. On a nearby hillside are three blue radomes. When the Third Department of the PLA General Staff Department, responsible for science, technology and intelligence, builds its signal monitoring stations, it usually uses blue for the radomes, according to Kanwa, although the magazine conceded that it was also possible that they could be navigation radars or surveillance radars. West of the hill, around 8000 m from the carrier berths, there are another two large blue radomes. Hainan is an important base for the Third Department to collect intelligence on Vietnam, the magazine stated.

Full article: Nearly complete Hainan PLA Navy base can dock 2 carriers: Kanwa (Want China Times)

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