China’s PLA Launches Massive War Games in South China Sea


Amid high tensions in the South China Sea, Beijing announced it conducted large-scale military drills at both air and sea on Tuesday, focusing on new information warfare systems.

With over 100 ships and dozens of aircraft, state-run China Military Online reported that Beijing conducted large, live-ammunition drills in the South China Sea.

According to the Chinese Defense Ministry, the exercises concentrated on integrating information warfare systems between air and naval defense, and accomplished “new breakthrough” in China’s military capabilities.

Using a variety of new weapons, as well as “all sorts of information technology tactics,” military forces were able to successfully conduct anti-submarine drills, intercept supersonic anti-ship missiles, and engage with high-speed low-altitude targets.

Due to the focus on information warfare, the drills were conducted in “a complex electromagnetic environment” which simulated surveillance, reconnaissance, and early warning systems to detect targets.

The Defense Ministry did not say where, precisely, the drills took place.

Full article: China’s PLA Launches Massive War Games in South China Sea (Sputnik News)

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