China may use microwave weapon against maritime rivals

The WB-1 microwave directed energy weapon mounted on a truck. (Internet photo)


China is likely to deploy its newly designed WB-1 microwave directed energy weapon against Philippine and Vietnamese vessels in the contested South China Sea, according to the state run Reference News on July 27.

The WB-1 was originally developed as millimeter-wave beam-projecting non-lethal anti-riot system by the China Poly Group Corporation based in Beijing. With an effective range of 80 meters, it can project the millimeter-wave beam to heat water molecules below the skin causing intense pain, the UK-based IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly reported in November 2014. The weapon’s attack range can be increased to one kilometer when its transmitting power is increased.

Reports from the Zhuhai Airshow held in southern China’s Guangdong province last year indicated that Poly was developing the WB-1 for naval applications. To enforce its maritime claims over the disputed East China and South China seas, China is likely to use WB-1 in future non-lethal confrontations with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Full article: China may use microwave weapon against maritime rivals (Want China Times)

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