PLA simulates siege on Taiwan’s Presidential Office


The Stride-2015 Zhurihe series exercise commenced on June 1 at the Zhurihe Combined Tactics Training Base of the People’s Liberation Army in the grasslands of northern China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Zhurihe is Asia’s largest and the PLA’s most modernized training base, and is the only base where the PLA can hold group-army-scale actual-troop campaign exercises.

The series has now entered its third phase, “Stride-2015 Zhurihe C,” which again split the troops into red and blue squads in full-scale competitive drills. Footage from the exercise was aired on China’s national broadcaster CCTV on July 5, during which participants talked about the seriousness of the exercise and the importance of treating it as a real live-fire mission.

At around three minutes into the segment, according to Guancha, the video captured a large white and red structure that appears extremely similar in appearance to Taiwan’s Presidential Office Building. The five-story building situated in Taipei’s Zhongzheng district has been the ROC Presidential Office since 1950 after the Nationalists fled to Taiwan after their defeat at the hands of the Communists in the Chinese civil war. It has a front facade of 140 meters and a side length of 86 meters. The tower at the center of the building measures 60 meters high.

Guancha stated that the footage of the structure may have inadvertently revealed the PLA’s true mission in staging the exercise: to prepare for a potential military conflict against Taiwan, which Beijing continues to regard as a renegade Chinese province.

Full article: PLA simulates siege on Taiwan’s Presidential Office (Want China Times)

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