EU Council President Donald Tusk Warns of Revolution in Europe

EU Council President Donald Tusk from Poland is shocked by the fierce debate over the Greek bailout in the EU Parliament. He told the FT: “It was the first time that I have seen radical with such emotions. It was almost half the European Parliament. Therefore, I believe that no one is a political winner in this process, not even Germany. “

In between these two extremes lie the people of Europe who do not see themselves as Europeans, but as separate ethnic groups with distinct cultures. Even within Germany those in Bavaria say they are Bavarian before they say they are German. This EU Project has turned Europe inside out and the dream of one government would create peace is having exactly the opposite effect. With the turning point of the ECM coming up in less than 90 days, we must be concerned that this could become the tipping point in Western history.

Full article: EU Council President Donald Tusk Warns of Revolution in Europe (Armstrong Economics)

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