China Deploys Ultra-Modern Destroyer to Base on S. China Sea Island


The destroyer, dubbed Yangsha, is likely to operate from the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) base at Yalong Bay on Hainan Island, reports Jane’s Defense Weekly.

The Type 052D features a universal vertical launch weapon system capable of firing anti-air, anti-surface, anti-submarine, and land attack missiles – a system not found on the preceding Type 052C.

Earlier this month, the seventh Type 052D emerged from the building shed at a shipyard in Shanghai and joined the sixth member of class which is currently fitting out, Jane’s reported. Builders have also made significant progress on the hulls of the eighth and ninth ships, circulating photographs show.

Type 054A Jiangkai II class frigates Yangzhou and Handan – the 19th and 20th ships of the class – have been handed over to the PLAN and are believed to have been commissioned, or will be shortly, Jane’s reports. Four more are under construction at two shipyards.

Full article: China Deploys Ultra-Modern Destroyer to Base on S. China Sea Island (Sputnik News)

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