China Beefing Up Its Anti-Submarine Warfare Capabilities

Beijing is developing a maritime strategy aimed at protecting the first island chain which encircles the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and South China Sea.

However, according to Stratfor, the People’s Liberation Army still lacks the means to counter the threat posed by fast and evasive US nuclear submarines.

Until recently China has been relying on Type 037 submarine chasers which are largely ineffective against modern deep diving nuclear submarines and has not got enough anti-submarine helicopters, using mostly “lightweight Z-9Cs” and “somewhat more capable Ka-28 types.” But since the beginning of the 21st century China has focused on its anti-submarine capabilities, ramping the production of anti-submarine corvettes, equipping its multi-role surface vessels with depth sonars, anti-submarine torpedoes and increasing the number of helicopters.

According to the analysts Beijing is aware of the need to boost its anti-submarine warfare capabilities. And it has enough resources to fill the gap, with its rapid economic growth and swift technological development. 

“[China] is already using these resources to close the gap with its neighbors and the United States,” the report stated.

China’s military strategy is based on a concept of preventing the foreign incursion. While the US and NATO submarines still pose a potential threat to the country’s maritime zone, the gap between NATO and China’s underwater warfare capabilities is steadily narrowing.

Full article: China Beefing Up Its Anti-Submarine Warfare Capabilities (Sputnik News)

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