France Calls for the Federalization of Europe

Integration, integration and more integration… That’s the path Europe is on until it represents the United States of Europe in one form or another which has been repeatedly predicted here since 2011 — all of which is brought to you courtesy of the Fourth Reich. Soon, along with it (and already in development) is the European Army.


History repeats because human nature never differs. I have warned that Albert Einstein was correct that you can NEVER solve a problem with the same line of thing that created the crisis. We will see that absolutely NEVER has anyone in power EVER conceded that they have been the cause of a crisis – it is always someone else. They are the people who in school didn’t do an assignment and blamed the dog for eating it.

French President Francois Hollande has called for the 19 countries using the euro need to now move rapidly to complete a full socialistic state for Europe with a budget and parliament to relieve the individual governments of their failed socialistic agendas. If anything will cause the collapse of the Euro – this will be it. Hollande argues that the Greek crisis illustrates the problem and of course it was never their failed dreams, it was the lack of a federalized Europe where people have no vote whatsoever in any Troika member.

Hollande wrote an opinion piece published by the Journal du Dimanche on Sunday in which he states: “What threatens us is not too much Europe, but a lack of it.”

The individual governments are going totally broke. Pensions will tear Europe apart and girls now in their early 20s are looking for men to marry twice their age or more because there is no hope for the youth with unemployment over 60% in so many areas. The social changes are becoming dramatic for the entire dream of socialism has only lined the pockets of government workers at the expense of lowering living standards for the people.

They promised this would be a trade and economic union from the outset and denied there would ever be the United States of Europe with one government. In an attempt to force their dream upon everyone else whether or not they agreed, the politicians look upon any dissenter as being too stupid to appreciate what the elite had in mind.

Full article: France Calls for the Federalization of Europe (Armstrong Economics)

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