Mexican cartels using new countersurveillance tech against U.S.

The U.S. has for years been flying surveillance drones along the Mexican border. Now Mexico’s drug cartels are as well. / Vocativ


Senior drug enforcement officials in Washington and along the U.S. southwest border have spotted new technologies used by Mexican drug cartels to track their trackers in U.S. law.

The concern grows out of the availability, capability and low cost of drones and unarmed aircraft systems (UAS), many weighing less than 55 pounds. Once the monopoly of governments, these aerial surveillance units are being acquired and used increasingly in a countersurveillance role to thwart law enforcement monitoring by drug cartels.

Some sources say the use of UAS has been underway for as many as five years but there is broad agreement that use is expanding rapidly. The reasons are apparent.

Full article: Mexican cartels using new countersurveillance tech against U.S. (World Tribune)

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