Berlusconi: Germany Controls EU, While Being Under US Rule

Even a lunatic can be right about something from time to time.


“The EU acknowledges the hegemony of Germany, which in its turn recognizes the United States’ dictate. Therefore, we are not far from the circumstances which sparked two bloody world wars in the XX century,” the prominent Italian politician said.

Speaking in Rome at the national conference of representatives of the Forza Italia party, Berlusconi expressed serious concern over the current situation in Europe, which he described as “catastrophic”.

Berlusconi also said that Italy now has no influence on the international stage. He criticized the government led by current Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who, according to him, usurped power in the country.

Full article: Berlusconi: Germany Controls EU, While Being Under US Rule (Sputnik News)

One response to “Berlusconi: Germany Controls EU, While Being Under US Rule

  1. Berlusconi was put aside from the European club when he stated, in 2011 or 2012, that Vladimir Putin was the greatest chief of state currently in the depressed Europe. He also was against the Libya war, where Italy had interests there. The Libyan war was an anti-Italian war, removing a friend of Putin from this part of the geopolitical scene.
    It took me years to grasp Berlusconi’s mindset. My father and his friends (African people) had always told me that Berlusconi was only applying Machiavelli’s principles for the sake of Italy’s sovereignty. Pragmatic, preferring to look like a bigot rather than displaying his real view, for fear of CIA’s inevitable reaction.