Russia’s Next-Gen Strategic Bomber to Make Maiden Flight in 2023-2024


The aircraft is expected to be equipped with an operational engine by the time it takes off for the first time in 2023-2024, he added.

Earlier this week, reports emerged that Russia’s United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC) was developing a one-of-a-kind communications system for the PAK DA. The system will be capable of analyzing its state, making adjustments based on these findings and switching its operation modes.

The stealthy PAK DA, developed by the Tupolev design bureau, will fly at subsonic speeds and is designed to carry out missions which are currently assigned to three aircraft, the Tupolev Tu-160, the Tu-95MS and the Tupolev Tu-22M3.

PAK DA bombers, allegedly based on the Tupolev Tu-160, are expected to enter into service in 2023. Some say that the aircraft could be equipped with hypersonic weapons. The plane is also expected to be fitted with some equipment from the fifth-generation PAK FA fighter.

Full article: Russia’s Next-Gen Strategic Bomber to Make Maiden Flight in 2023-2024 (Sputnik News)

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